Raku course with Verena Siol

September 13 – 20, 2020

Raku is an old burning technique from Japan. The objects are made of high-fired clay. In the glaze firing process, the workpieces are taken out of the furnace with tongs at the time of glaze melting. The pieces are then smoked under oxygen barrier, with wood chips or other natural materials. The result is crazed and blackened pieces with a surprising surface.
In dialogue with sound, pausing and letting oneself in and out of the surroundings, one’s own person is given a free space to unfold. The design process begins with inspiration, an idea coming from the outside, which can have an effect when it meets inner readiness.

Vessels and figures (plastics) are created consciously and are changed by fire, smoke and water in a unique way.

The focus of this Raku-intensive course lies in the feeling of one’s own formal language, in the integration of nature, the finding of inspiring material structures and forms of plants and woods.

Further information and registration for the course via: Verena Siol

Registration for accommodation via: Casa dei Fiori





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